My Hero

In the book, Snow Falling in Spring, by Moying Li, her grandmother Lao Lao is her hero. From a very young age Lao Lao was different from everyone else. She refused to get her feet bound which is something every Chinese women does. Lao Lao gets away with not carrying on this tradition because of her father. Her father hated seeing her in so much pain so he refused to make her suffer. Because Lao Lao did not have her feet bound, she was unable to marry. Finally, her family arranged a marriage for her. This marriage caused many problems for Lao Lao. Her new mother-in-law treated her poorly and so did her husband. Lao Lao had to work hard to overcome her struggles. As Lao Lao tells Moying all of her stories from her life, Moying is so intent and is amazed at how awesome her grandmother is.

As a little girl, Lao Lao learned to read and write. Most of the other girls never learned like Lao Lao did. When Moying asked Lao Lao why she was able to read and write but no one else like her could, Lao Lao said," I had a Good baba"(24). Lao Lao's baba cared for her so much. She made Lao Lao different than all of the other girls. As Lao Lao learned to read and write, Moying also learned to do the same. She attended a prestigious language school in Beijing. Also, as Lao Lao and Moying were growing up, they both had a hunger for knowledge and learning, which made them both have a lot of potential.

When Moying was brought into the world, she loved Lao Lao more than anything. Ever since Moying Li was born, she had attached to Lao Lao. Moying says, "As soon as I was able to walk, I turned into her shadows, following her everywhere" (22). Lao Lao is a very kind, caring, generous, and an all-around special grandmother to Moying and her brother, Di Di. Just like Lao Lao is caring towards Moying and Di Di, Moying is very caring towards Di Di and her friends that she makes through out her life. Moying Li’s grandmother has shaped Moying Li into the women she has become today.

Lao Lao in her courtyard in the 1960's