Art & Culture ~ America
Just like China was influenced by what others thought about styles of clothes, education, beauty, and entertainment, America today in the 21st century is influenced by these things as well. Everyone in America wants to do the same thing as everyone else around, including the celebrities. Often you are judge if you do not follow the trends and the traditions in America.

This video is an introductory talk about the culture and values of people in the United States. Double click the video to view the YouTube website.

Styles of Clothes

Styles of Clothing in the 21st century of America changes continuously. Trends come and go and styles of clothing come in and out as well. What Americans wear depends on many things. Some dress so they are comfortable, others dress according to magazines, celebbrities and tv shows, and others dress according to what they like. The biggest trend setter in America would be celebrities and magazines. There are many magazines made to show what new styles are popular and cool. One example of a magazine that is focused on teen fashion in America is Teen Vogue Magazine.

Teen Vogue Magazine Cover

Teen styles in America change very often. The latest styles are designer shoes like Uggs, Sperrys and Tom's, with skinny jeans or leggings and designer or brand named shirts to go with them. Many people dress to fit in with the crowd, but every now and then, you have people who like to stand out and create their own style.

Miley Cyrus is one of the many celebrities that teens turn to for inspiration in fashion.

Education -

In America, it is required by law to go to school. Unlike China that made the children focus on their work and chores, kids in America are made to focus on their education. Depending on parent's choices, some kids attend private school that costs money, others kids attend public schools where they can attend for free, and some kids are home schooled or take online classes.

There are different levels of education in America. Pre-school is offered to kids ages 3-5 years. Pre-school is not required by law and all kids do not have to attend, but some parents chose to send their kids anyways. The first type of schooling that is required is kindergarten. Kids who are 5-6 years old attend kindergarten, some go whole school days while others go half school days. After kindergarten, primary school is next. Primary school includes grades 1-5. Kids who attend primary school are ages 6-11 years old. Once kids have attended primary school, they move to middle school and junior high. Middle school is considered grade 6 and junior high is the 7th and 8th grades. Students in these grades are ages 11-14 years old. After you finish 8th grade, students graduate from their grade school and move on to high school. High school consists of grades 9-12. Students in these grades are ages 14-18 years old. Once you have received all of your high school credits, you are by law finished with schooling and you do not have to continue. Most people however chose to attend college. In college, you chose your profession that you think you would enjoy. Depending on the profession of your choice, you may be in college for 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, or more. Some professions such as becoming a doctor may require up to 8 years in college.

This is a picture of Seton High School's library. Seton is a private high school.
This is a picture of a class room at Seton High School.

Beauty -

In America today, there are so many different opinions on what "beautiful" is. There are also so many different ways that people use to try and make themselves beautiful. In America, no person is never skinny enough or tall enough. Everyone, especially girls, thinks they need to be model material, that is looking just like the skinny, tall models. Some people starve themselves to try and become skinny, others work out every day to try and get a "flattering" figure. Some people even take pills to try and loose weight so they can look just like the girls in magazines. Another thing that is very popular in America is plastic surgery. It never used to be so popular and lately people are getting this surgery done for many reasons. On the website, it says, "Plastic surgery deals with the repair, reconstruction, or replacement of physical defects of form or function involving the skin, musculoskeletal system, craniomaxillofacial structures, hand, extremities or cosmetic enhancement of these areas of the body… The plastic surgeon uses cosmetic surgical principles both to improve overall appearance and to optimize the outcome of reconstructive procedures. Special knowledge and skill in the design and surgery of grafts, flaps, free tissue transfer and replantation is necessary… Anatomy, physiology, pathology, and other basic sciences are fundamental to the specialty… Competency in plastic surgery implies an amalgam of basic medical and surgical knowledge, operative judgment, technical expertise, ethical behavior, and interpersonal skills to achieve problem resolution and patient satisfaction." Plastic surgery is just like modern day foot binding. When Chinese girls bind their feet, they have to go through a lot of pain to get beauty, just like patients who go through plastic surgery have to go through pain as well.

This is what beautiful girls go through every day because they do not think they are perfect.

The video above shows before and after pictures of different celebrities and stars that had plastic surgery of some kind. Double click the video to view the YouTube website.

Entertainment -

In the 21st century in America, there are so many different ways Americans entertain themselves. Much of our entertainment in the modern days comes from technology such as computers, cell phones, iPods, game centers and much more.
This diagram shows the number of American adults who own a device in each category in 2010.

Americans entertain themselves today also by playing sports. Sports have become such a big focus in our everyday lives. Unlike other cultures, Americans are very involved in football. Most other cultures call American soccer, football, but in America we play both soccer and football, two completely different sports games. Some other sports Americans play are baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball and lacrosse.
This picture shows the Cincinnati, Bengals football stadium. NFL professional football provides a lot of entertainment for Americans today in the 21st century.